Rewire price guide

House/Flat Days to complete Price
1 Bedroom 5-6 days £1,800
2 Bedroom 7-9 days £2,400
3 Bedroom 10-12 days £3,300
4 Bedroom 14-16 days £4,100


Rewire prices include all materials used for the job


Materials included in price


Dual RCD consumer unit

1 light per room

1 light switch per room

Up to 4 double sockets per room

Up to 4 double sockets in kitchen

1 cooker point

2 way switch for landing

Earthing main gas/main water

Testing and certification


All materials are standard white plastic sockets and switches or we can install equipment provided by you, e.g Metallic switches and sockets.


All additional electrical points for the rewire are priced at £20.00 per point.

examples include… down lights, extra lighting points, extra socket points, aerial points, smoke alarms, loft light, external lights, external sockets, electrical shower point,extractor fans,kitchen unit lights and other request on your part.


All chased runs for cables will be made good and filled with bonding plaster (a decorator may be needed for a fine finish on walls)


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Does my house need a rewire?

Over the years electrical wiring can become worn out, insulation will deteriorate over time due to excessive heat caused by current often resulting in cable to appear brittle and break apart. Is the wiring in your property 25 to 30 years old? Chances are it may need upgrading.